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   We breed very selectively for our next show dogs. Not all dogs are destined for the show ring however, and these puppies we offer for sale to select family’s as loving pets when available.

Keeping in mind that we breed for health, quality conformation and temperment, all puppies, regardless of show or pet are raised with the same care and love.

To us it’s very important to find each and every puppy bred by selectabull a permanent and loving home.


 ** We currently sell our pet puppies for $3500.00 ** 

When you buy a puppy from us, your puppy will come with:

~ C.K.C. Registered Certificate (limited registration - for pet puppies).

~ Vet Checked

~ Vaccinated (age appropriete)

~ Micro-Chipped

~ De-wormed

~ Written Health Guarantee (1 year)

~ Bill of Sale

~ Puppy Pack (food, treats, Leash, Collar, toys...etc)

~ Lifetime Breeder Support.

 At the date of sale each puppy is at least 8-9 weeks old before they arrive to there new homes.

We do not believe it is possible to predict the outcome of a puppy’s future in the show ring at the age of 9 weeks. Therefore at the age of nine weeks I do not sell show puppies, but show potential and and family pets. A puppy has to be fed and exercised in a correct way to become a good example of the breed, not just in the first 8-10 weeks they live with us, but for the rest of the puppy dogs life. So no matter how good the breeding, the outcome rests with the owner and the puppy....

   You are never to abandon or surrender your selectabull puppy/dog to any rescue or shelter for any reason, if your circumstances change and warrant your puppy’s surrender, we expect any selectabull puppy/dog be returned to us at any time of the dogs life, regardless of the reason.

We expose our puppies to the same conditions that they would experience in your home. The puppies are handled constantly from birth, unlike puppies that are raised for profit.

 * Please contact us through our form (link below) for initial contact, pricing, availability, etc. and we should respond within 48 hours. Due to the amount of inquiries we receive, phone calls will only be returned to serious inquiries and only to individuals whom have submitted our online form below. Thank-you for your interest, patience and understanding!

PLEASE NOTE: Inquiries regarding mixed breed puppies, unregistered puppies, "off coloured"/non-standard/disqualified coloured puppies will not be returned! Please also note that we DO NOT sell puppies with full registration/breeding rights. Thanks in advance, for your understanding.

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